Saturday, April 9, 2011

Worried about not being like everyone else?

 Worried about not being like everyone else? Well, if you thinklike everyone else does, you'll have what everyone else has, which is years of hard work and lifetime of debt!  

   If you want to be wealthy, you have to think like someone who is wealthy, and that means thinking differently without caring about what the rest of the world thinks about it. That's what this first level is about.

   The wealthiest people in the world became so for the simple reason they were prepared to think "out of the box". Throw me the name of anyone who made themselves wealthy by their own means, and I'll explain it's because they thought differently than most other people. In fact, they thought the OPPOSITE way than most people.

   This is why the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

   It's all about seeing through the web of illusions you've been spun since you were born. Once you see the truth, the path to wealth becomes clear.

   Do you remember, perhaps when you were a child, trying to discover "the hidden picture" within another picture? You know, in those puzzle books? It was almost impossible to see until you were told what to look for. The artist had painted it in such a way to deliberately hide the true picture. The people you get your information from today are no different from those artists. The 'hidden picture artists' of the world itself are the mass media, corporations and politicians.

   Millions of Americans are concerned and frustrated over events in our nation. They feel as though something is very wrong, but because of the 'hidden picture artists' distorting everything, they can't quite put their fingers on it. Maybe you're one of them? Something is bugging you but you can't quite tell what. You keep electing presidents who promise the world, yet nothing changes. Republican or Democrat, it makes no difference.

Why do so many lottery winners and other people who inherit wealth, seem to lose it all? Why is it even when the average person makes some money they find themselves back where they started soon after? Why are the worlds wealthy in such a minority?

   Money has a homing instinct. It always finds its way back to its master.

   The 'master' is someone who knows the truth about money and the world it exists in. The 'master' questions things the mass population just accepts blindly. Someone who only believes something if there's hard evidence to support it. Someone who asks 'Why?'

  I ask you to make a choice now. Before you venture any further, do you fully understand the fact that to live differently, you have to think differently?

   This reminds me of a classic movie scene from "A few good men", when Tom Cruise shouts at Jack Nicholson: "I want the truth!" to which Nicholson shouts back: "You can't handle the truth!"

The masses will say not swallowing everything you're told is 'cynical'.

   The masses are also one paycheck away from bankruptcy! 

   So why would you listen to their advice about anything?

   You stand at a fork in the road at this moment of your life, maybe the most important moment of all. One path is clearly marked out for you, the other is deliberately hidden.

Don't you think it's strange how most people have only just enough money to live from month to month? This is no accident.

   It's like driving down a tunnel with no sign of light at the other end. The only thing that keeps people going is the fact that one day they hope to retire with a pension to support them through the remaining years of their lives. Depressing or what!

If you want to spend the rest of your life dreaming of getting rich quickly, then carry on watching the TV and clinging on to all the false hopes others try to lure you with. I wish you well in your life of wage slavery and state charity that will probably not exist in twenty years time. Please don't think I'm being harsh, but ain't it the truth?

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