Monday, April 11, 2011

The Boss

How do you know which field you're an expert in?  Give them all a try and discover which one naturally resonates most with you.  Do additional research and start with small groups.
Well thank you for staying until the end.  This is the final email in our mini internet marketing series.

In conclusion
The old, time tested methods of building your MLM business such as making your list of names, the 3 foot rule, cold calling, etc have been used since the beginning and many people have used them successfully to build great business enterprises.  You can and should utilize those whenever you can.
But  Now
You have the opportunity to add the incredible power and leverage of the internet to expand and diversify your portfolio of marketing strategies to generate many more leads than was ever possible before by only using the traditional methods to fill your pipleline.
The most successful people in any field market their KNOWLEDGE. They market valuable information that is of great interest to their target market, "How To" information that pertains to and that will lead prospects to what they actually sell.
They publish special reports and newsletters that are filled with smart tips and great advice. They put on teleseminars, seminars, and online workshops.  They write articles, books and blog posts.
Then, when people decide to make a purchase or change a habit, who do you think they are going to call or email?
The one who's chasing and passing out business cards and flyers at grocery stores, coffee shops and bookstores?
Or, the Professional who is leveraging the power of Internet Marketing and has established himself or herself as an expert by educating people first.
Now, your business becomes an add-on sale which is always easier to make than the initial sale.  Remember, people are looking for Leadership and Solutions.
Be The Leader That People Are Looking For!

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