Monday, April 11, 2011

Boy, Did I Strike a Nerve

This week I wrote about ethanol, and we've gotten more emails from readers on this topic than any other we've written about. Seems like I struck a nerve...
Most of you don't like the idea of ethanol, and are still sending me emails about how ethanol takes more energy to make than it can produce. As I told you on Tuesday, this isn't true, according to the most recent data. And for a more "unbiased" view of straight numbers, check out this link.
Others of you wrote in about my "ethanol delusion."
Like I said, I'm used to taking ribs from readers for being in support of alternative fuels such as ethanol, but reader M.M. takes the cake, saying environmentalism "is designed to replace war as the primary reason for the government's continued obstructionist meddling in every facet of our lives, existence!"
He went on to say that the energy output of ethanol was less than the energy output of gas, diesel or natural gas. Now, I'll need to check on the figures for natural gas, but in Thursday's article, I conceded the point that ethanol does not produce the same amount of energy as gas or oil.
After ending his rant, M.M. closes his letter calling me as clueless as "Barry Sorento Hussien Obummer." I think he's comparing me to President Obama.
Am I a liberal? Yes. I've never denied that. A treehugger? Absolutely. We all have to live in this world, so we might as well make it last. But above all, I'm a realist. I take the facts as they are... not spun into some left-wing or right-wing soapbox.
And that hasn't stopped me from telling investors this week that ethanol producers aren't as good an investment as oil producers right now.
So let's get on with the rest of what we talked about this week.

Comparing Charlie Sheen to the Markets
Monday started off with a stark comparison of the unabashed thoughts of Charlie Sheen and the mumbled distortion from government and corporate leaders. Jared noted that Charlie has more sincerity in his words than we've heard from many politicians.
The markets need clarity, and they're not getting it from those in charge. Indeed, markets seem to be rallying on next to nothing. Jared explains how this can be confusing to investors, and how to protect yourself from market untruths.
You could get $4,000 from an "angel" before the end of April

While alive, she was one of the most charitable people in America. Some have even called "Mary Catherine" an "angel."

Now, her estate is set to distribute the nearly $9.4 billion left over in her estate. You could get your hands on a small portion of it before the end of April...

Oil Versus Ethanol
I opened Pandora's Box on Tuesday with my article comparing oil investments to ethanol investments. While I support the idea of alternative fuels, I told readers that it might not be the best time to invest in ethanol producers right now.
High costs of grain and oil make ethanol more costly to produce. During times of high demand, this could benefit producers, but now's not that time. Read Tuesday's article for more information.

Michael Robinson's Rare Earths Pick Soars
Earlier this year, I asked Michael to answer a reader's question about rare earth metals and companies that produce them. On Wednesday, Michael provided Smart Investing Daily with a recent article from American Wealth Underground with updates to the companies he talked about here.
One company, Rare Element Resources (REE:AMEX), has climbed 360% in the past ten months! Read all about Michael's rare earth companies in Wednesday's guest article.
Have You Heard of "Technology Metals"?

Steel, copper, coal, gas and oil made the Industrial Revolution possible. But this is no longer the Age of Steel and Oil. Welcome to the Age of Technology Metals!

This URGENT FREE REPORT tells you what "technology metals" are, how they’re key to more than $4.6 trillion in global commerce, and how you could make 950% as shortages arrive.

President Calls for Reduction in Oil Imports
On Thursday, I reported that President Obama is calling for a one-third reduction in oil imports by 2025. This news might have led some readers to ask if ethanol would make up part of that reduction, and therefore be a viable investment now.

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