Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Unemployment is reaching new highs – Learn how to step out of the crowd and land a good job.

If you are ready to energize your job search, you’ve got to see this Webinar!
Times are tough, and if you want a good job you need more than good intensions and a nicely printed resume. Competition is fierce and if you don’t use the best tools available in your job search, someone else will. Isn’t time to get out of the unemployment line and back to work?

• Some experts predict the unemployment rate will break 10% by 2011.

• The actual unemployment rate, including the underemployed and those who have just given up, is 16.5%

• Unemployment benefits are running out.

• True unemployment in the US – including unemployed, underemployed and part time workers who want full time employment - is over 26 million.

All the bad employment news can be discouraging; however there are jobs that need to be filled. If you know where to look and how to market yourself, you can find the right job. Our Job Search Webinar is Free. Devote an hour to improving your skills and learn the important information you need in this job market.

• Planning an Effective Job Search

• Techniques to laser focus your Job Search

• Understanding what Hiring Managers are looking for in a Resume.

• Make the first 5 minutes in your interview count.

What was good enough a few years ago is not good enough today. If you are serious about finding a good job, you must maximize your potential. Take the first step towards a great job today by visiting:

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