Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Have you ever tried putting a battery in your digital
camera or flashlight and it didn't work?

And yet just minutes later figured out that the batteries

were in backwards?  Funny how this simple shift can
make things work - even though we first thought that

they were in right.

Have you ever considered how that same principle
works whenever you try to make money or to create
something in your life?
If you've ever struggled to earn more or get ahead of the
piles of debt and bills, but for some strange reason, you
seem to "sabotage" yourself.
You're not alone...
Over 40% of the population has the same experience.

...and it's called Prosperity Reversal.

If you've been reading the last several newsletters,
you've heard how Prosperity Reversal affects people
of all kinds - regardless of their education, intelligence
or amount of hard work and diligence.
It's like there's a hidden cause of all money issues.
But there's a simple way to solve it...

It's the powerful new Abundance Point Course.
Abundance Point gives you the "leverage" and the insight
to find and clear the source of Prosperity Reversal - right
from the roots...

And all it takes is sincere desire and intent.
Make today the day that you look back and you say:
"That's the day I turned it all around - that's the day I
got my clarity and energy back".

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