Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What is Business Coaching?

If you had direct access to an entrepreneur
who's already achieved exactly what you want
to achieve, how likely is it that you could do
the exact same thing in an even shorter
amount of time?
The scenario I just described to you is business
coaching at its finest. Based on the striking
amount of growth the business coaching industry
has experienced since 2004, lots of entrepreneurs
agree that working with a business coach just
makes sense. Here's proof:
  • "Annual spending on business coaching in the
    United States is estimated at $1 billion."

    Harvard Business Review, November 2004
  • "Use of business coaching is widespread in UK
    organizations, with almost nine in ten respondents
    reporting that they now use coaching in their
    organization (88%)."

    University of Bristol Newsletter, 2005
  • "An estimated 40,000 people in the U.S. work as
    business or life coaches, and the $2.4 billion business
    coaching market is growing at about 18% per year."

    2007 MarketData Report
A business coach will enable you to take
your level of success to entirely new heights.
Heights that most people see as impossible

If you are serious about either starting a business from scratch, or if you have an existing business that you're ready to take to the next level, fill out the form at the bottom of this page, and we will CALL YOU. 

The only way for you to achieve lifestyle freedom and become the success you truly deserve to be is for you to submit to being held accountable for your goals. I have as much of an "A" type personality as anyone, but I realize that without my coaches and mentors, I would not be where I am today. Luckily, I realized at an early age that I would never become a millionaire in my twenties by following the "figuring it out yourself" mentality.

Let's be frank, my friend. You know deep down in your gut that you're nowhere near as successful as you could be. You know you have so much more potential inside you.

But despite your efforts, this "success" thing just hasn't happened for you.

If the "trial and error" process is getting you nowhere - welcome to reality. Unfortunately, most people remain in the cycle of insanity forever. They keep "trying" and "trying" but getting nowhere fast. Here's the truth...

For things to change, YOU have to change.

You have to get out of the thinking that has gotten you to where you are today. If you're stuck in a rut, what this coaching consultation is going to do for you is to give you insightadvice and real world solutions to your entrepreneurial efforts. Our team has "been there and done that" and can show you what you're not seeing right now.

Not only will our program give you an entirely new perspective on what it really takes to develop a wildly successful business, we'll push you harder and really test your limits.

Have you ever worked out with a personal trainer at the gym?

If you have, you know 100% what I'm talking about. A personal trainer will get you in shape much faster than you ever would on your own. It's the exact same in business. Left to our own devices, not seeing the forest through the trees, the road to business success is a long and difficult one... which for most simply ends in failure and giving up.

What kept me going all those nights I slept in my beat up Honda Civic, is probably what’s keeping you going right now. Two words:


Night after night, I lusted after the spine-tingling freedom of the Internet lifestyle with the intensity of a hormone-drenched adolescent! If you’re like me, your mind quivers with unbridled pleasure just thinking about:

  • Never having to live for the weekends ever again
  • Wearing shorts, sandals and a t-shirt to work
  • Making money while shopping, goofing off, eating, or even sleeping
  • Never having to answer to an obnoxious boss ever again
  • Hopping on a plane to see our favorite sports team play
  • Keeping tabs on our business anywhere there’s an internet connection
  • Never having to work with annoying, clueless co-workers
  • Hanging out with exciting people from around the world who are plugged in and amped up about life
  • Creating true financial freedom and moving beyond just hustling for a buck
  • Writing big checks to the charities we believe in
  • Being able to pick the business projects and partners I work with.
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