Saturday, April 23, 2011

An Effective Newsletter

5 Tips to Create

Newsletters can be a powerful weapon in your marketing arsenal. They help to create trust, build brand recognition, and establish you as the expert. Here are a few tips to help you take your newsletters to the next level.
Know your readers.
Although your newsletter should promote your business, its primary function is to build relationships with prospects and customers. Be sure to discuss topics that are relevant and interesting to your readers. If they know they'll be getting useful information, they'll continue to subscribe.
Make it unique.
If you want your newsletter to get noticed (and read), make it different. Add a touch of personalization by including a snapshot from your office, a video message from your staff, a link to an entertaining website, etc. Don't be afraid to portray emotion and personality.
Take time for design.
The visual appeal of your newsletter has a lot to do with its success. The right design can captivate your audience before they read a single word. Create a design that isclean, simple, and reinforces your brand.
Solicit feedback.
Include your readers by asking for comments on your articles or stories. They'll feel welcomed and you will get feedback on what you can do to improve and what your readers really like.
Include your contact information.
Although your goal isn't to sell through your newsletter, you probably wouldn't object to an occasional sale. So make sure readers have a way to reach you if they feel the urge to buy now.
Implement the above steps and your newsletter will help convert your readers into lifelong customers.

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