Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Turn Your Passion Into Money

Even if you're new to making money online, you probably already know the #1 golden rule...
Build Your List.
The problem is, this is actually BAD ADVICE. And when used by itself, it can murder your chances of success.
Unfortunately, this is where most list building courses begin and end.
The sad result: Masses of hard-working, honest entrepreneurs are focused more on making money from their list, than they are giving their subscribers a good reason to listen, pay attention and buy from them.
Building your list and carpet-bombing them with emails and autoresponders saying "buy my stuff" on a daily basis is a painfully outdated "sales" method that almost NEVER works in the real world -- but it's how nearly EVERYONE tries to "build their list!"
No wonder you thought making money online was "too hard." All the stuff you've tried before is practically designed to fail from the start... it's like buying a fancy new car and neglecting to put in the gas... or an engine!
My point is...
The REAL Secret (Isn't What You Think!)
The other half of the REAL secret to making money online has nothing to do with how many subscribers you can get packed into your list management software... it has everything to do with the value you're giving to your subscribers.... how they "see" you (in their mind's eye) and the close, personal relationship you're building with them!
And it really isn't near as difficult or confusing as everyone seems to make it... it's actually very simple.
The 3 Simple Steps to Make Money Online
STEP ONE: Build A List
STEP TWO: Cultivate Your List
STEP THREE: Monetize Your List
Without the *CRUCIAL* middle-step of list cultivation, you cannot realistically expect ANY amount of success.
But once all three jagged pieces of the money-making puzzle are fit together, the formula becomes whole again.
"At last," you'll proudly whisper to yourself...
"I'm finally making money online!"
But let's not get ahead of ourselves, here...
Since you're reading this, you probably don't even have a list yet... or, you've got a smaller list and you're looking for sure-fire ways to grow your subscriber list (and the profits you get from it) even bigger and better...
First, let me ask you an important question...
Did you ever think about the impact that your circle of friends and co-workers has on your attitude, your energy and how you spend your time? (and therefore, your level of success and financial well being?)
How many pessimists, saboteurs, complainers, critics and energy vampires are you surrounded by every day? They say things like, "Why do you waste time on the internet, it'll never work!" "Just get a job! ... "Let's go hit the bars, forget that online stuff...," "Life's too short to be wasting time on that stuff; come on, live a little!" Sound familiar?
I'm not saying you should dump your current set of friends and associates, but you MUST analyze the effect other people are having on you. You've GOT TO at least get around more positive people to counter-balance any negativity in your life. Hanging out with 'mentally poor' or even worse, malicious people who undermine your efforts is like committing slow suicide.
One of my mentors Jack Canfield says, "we are the average of the five people we hang out with most!” This comment reminded me of my belief that we become what we read and whom we hang around. This is a powerful concept for you to understand. If you want to reach high levels of internet success then you better start spending time around, learning from, and masterminding with achievers, people that "talk the talk," and "walk the walk"...
Who Else Wants To Join A Living,
Breathing Community Of Achievers?
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