Monday, April 11, 2011

The Search for the Truth

   A great injustice has been done. Lies have been told. Five secrets have been covered up by a minority through centuries of myth. A web of untruths has been spun and the masses have been caught up in it.

   Why have a minority kept these five things a secret?

   Put yourself in their shoes. If one day you stumbled across an undiscovered diamond mine, would you stand outside it waving a banner saying "FREE DIAMONDS HERE"?

   No, I thought not. But it goes much deeper than that and far more sinister.

   Corporations, the media and the politicians have been keeping you in the dark for many years, each with different motives to further their cause. They have systematically spun falsehoods to keep the majority of the population living from month to month.

   Why should they do this? Let's look at each one's motives in turn.
   The Media
   Our beloved media?! Surely these people are the messengers of truth and have the interests of the population at heart, don't they?

    The 'scoop' of the century will never be published. Why?

    Because the only thing the media is concerned with is selling newspapers!

   They are businesses and therefore by definition their sole purpose is to make a profit. To believe otherwise is extremely naive. By the way, the media covers a wide range of areas, from the internet to TV. They're all the same thing.

We like to think the media exposes any and all secrets out there. Yeah, right! The media is a major part of your problem!

·   The Media would be flat-broke without the truckload of money they receive from other large corporate advertisers who have a lot to lose from the public becoming wise! 

·   Every day, corporations sponsor the nightly news. Is the media going to bite the hand that feeds it?!

   You have to understand that the vast majority of the population is not as brave as you are. You have become a student of this course to learn the truth in order to create wealth. But the majority of people areafraid and would become angry and confused if they were told about The Five Secrets.

   In other words, a newspaper that told people what they didn't want to hear would not sell any copies!

   No, what the public wants is snappy slogans and 'sound-bites'. They don't want to know about the things I am telling you because it would unsettle them and would mean that they might actually have to wake up and do something. It's much easier to have someone else make your mind up for you. I'm relieved that you clearly do not fit into this category. As Jim Rohn once said: "Nourish your mind like you would your body. A mind cannot survive on junk food." Amen.

   You will not see a television documentary about The Five Secrets for the same reasons. It would not make enjoyable entertainment because people would prefer to be spoon-fed a constant diet of topics that tear them away them from reality so they can bury their heads and live in denial and justifiable poverty.

   The media keep the population in a constant state of panic and guilt by reporting on the latest 'hot issue' and many times the facts are completely distorted to sensationalize the story. They have played their part in keeping you in the dark by not addressing the key issues. We will come back to the media in a later lesson.

   The Politicians

   Bill Clinton once said: "It's not acceptable for an American to love his country and not respect its government."

   What a strange logic! Of course you can love your country and dislike the government that runs it, that's what being a democracy is all about

   Just as he didn't know what sex was when he had it with Monica, he also seems to have a problem with elementary logic and history. Just as much of a problem as George Bush Jnr. has with geography....Africa is a country rather than a continent according to him.

   Whatever. Governments look after your interests though don't they?

   The first thing to stop clinging to is the naive belief that governments are interested in the people that elected them. This is the first myth they have let you believe. The one and only thing a government exists for is to stay in power. People only become politicians so they can control other people. Period.

   The greatest achievement any government ever made was making its people believe that they actually care for them.

   How can they achieve this? Well quite simply by giving the voters what they want. In other words, by spending money. A government is only popular as long as they have fat coffers to play their power games.

   And where does this money come from? You and I in the form of tax!

   Now where do you think the government would be if too many people wanted to escape the 'rat race' and more importantly, they knew how to?

   Down the creek without a paddle springs to mind!

   The government has a vested interest in ensuring that you are a wage slave for your entire life. No income tax = no government. Undeniable fact.

   They have to get the balance just right though. If you became too poor, you would revolt and overthrow the government by force. To quote an extreme example, The Tsar of Russia made this mistake in 1917 and it cost him his life. On the other hand, if too many people gave up work and retired, the government would also be out of a job.

   Why do you think the government is constantly adjusting the economy through interest rate changes?

   If too many people start to get too wealthy, you're told the economy is "overheating" and interest rates are raised to effectively take away many peoples' spending power (by increasing the cost of mortgages). And vice versa if too many people start to get too poor. If you start thinking this is 'cynical', 'unpatriotic' or any other such nonsense, I urge you to re-read the introduction to this level. A different life requires different beliefs!   Knowing The 5 Secrets enables a person to give up work. If too many people paid off their debts and retired, the global economy would collapse. Period.   How would the voters like them apples come election time?!

   Did you know that the most profitable investments, investments that do equally as well in recessions as in boom times, are banned from the majority of Americans? 

   These investments are only available to the top few percent in the country. Why would that be? I'll be exposing a perfectly legal loophole that will allow YOU to benefit from these profitable investments in this course!

   Is reality setting in? The government looks after its own interests and they are often in direct conflict with yours!
  • Is the government going to educate you enough to retire early and hence pay less tax?
  • Is the IRS going to reveal the 48 types of businesses on their audit hit list? Or tell you about all the ways you can pay less tax? Or show you how to legally protect your assets so no bureaucrat can ever seize them? Or tell you how to get FREE legal representation AGAINST them?
  • Is the government going to blow the whistle on large corporations ripping you off when they contribute significantly to political campaigns?
   They won't, but I will!

   This is no conspiracy theory garbage. Governments aren't vindictive, they just turn a blind eye. It's convenient if you slave away paying taxes to them your whole life. It's convenient if large corporations rip you off, because they contribute to political campaigns (and many are part-owned by politicians too).

   Nothing personal. Just a game of musical chairs, with YOU left standing!

   An interesting fact for you. The first thing an elephant trainer teaches a baby elephant is not to escape. He does this by chaining the infant's leg to a large log so if the baby elephant tries to escape, he gives up, realizing the log is too big for him to pull. Even when the elephant becomes adult, all the trainer needs to do is chain it to that same size log, even though the elephant is so large it could easily pull it along and escape.

   Why? Because of the conditioning the elephant received as an infant: that it would be hopeless to try and escape. It becomes a prisoner of the past.

   Do you see the similarity? You've been conditioned since childhood to get a job and pay taxes until you die. The government has trained you (via the education system) to never escape the rat-race. You just need to appreciate that you're big enough and strong enough to throw off those chains now!

    Most people have a fear of money stemming from a lack of understanding about it. It is not a chance happening either.

    It is no coincidence that The Five Secrets are not taught in schools!

   No, the government thinks 16th century basket-weaving is far more useful than alternatives to 'the rat race'. I wonder why? As Mark Twain said: "I never let schooling interfere with my education." The three most important things in life: how to build wealth, run a successful marriage and raise happy kids, aren't taught in school!

   You see, if you can keep people in a permanent state of despair about their bank balance, the politicians can feed from their fear. You have been conditioned to fear poverty more than to crave wealth. If you take a deep look at yourself within, I'm sure you will agree.

   Here's an interesting thought. The government encourages you to get the largest mortgage you can on your home. They do this by giving you a tax break on the interest you pay on the loan. All the time you're in debt, you have to work to pay tax to them! Plus, a larger mortgage usually means a larger house which means more property tax so it's the not the tax-break everyone thinks it is.

   Isn't it funny how you get a tax-break for getting into debt?

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