Monday, February 14, 2011

Profit Opportunity: Mastering This Investment Class

The Marcellus Shale gas formation has drawn a lot of attention in the past few years. It contains an estimated 500 trillion cubic feet of natural gas, and no fewer than 15 companies are drilling there.
But natural gas prices have fluctuated quite a bit for the last nine years. From a low of just over $2 per million Btu to a high of over $15 per million Btu in December of 2005.
When prices were scraping bottom in 2009, some drillers managed to hang on. But many were forced to close up shop.
Such is the risky nature of this business.
But what if you could invest in a group of companies that make money (and lots of it) no matter how low the price of natural gas or oil goes?
These companies don't do any exploring. They don't do any drilling. They don't even buy or sell oil or natural gas. Nonetheless, they profit handsomely.
Take a look at the stock chart of one of these companies. Over the last nine years, it has gone up 150% while the S&P gained only 14%.
That's impressive growth but it gets better. The company pays a 5.4% yield too!
You get both growth and income. A rare combination.
These companies are called Master Limited Partnerships or MLPs.
And they might be a good investment for you.
Why? Let's start with the basics...
Import and Grow Rich
One of the best ways to build wealth FAST is to import cheaply produced, in-demand products from abroad... then resell them at a huge mark-up.
And now, thanks to the Internet, it's never been easier for home-based entrepreneurs to get in on this lucrative import-export market.
We've profiled several Internet import-export entrepreneurs who are generating over $1 million per year in revenues... just a few short years after they got started. And they all started from home with little in the way of capital or expertise.
See their stories, and find out how easily you can follow in their footsteps, 

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