Monday, February 14, 2011

OmniVision Technology, a big player in the smartphone and tablet PC industry. No, they don't compete with Apple's iPad and iPhone. But they do make components for those products. It's the company's image sensors that make it possible to take pictures with the iPhone. And they are rumored to be doing the same for the next generation iPad.
OmniVision is also a major supplier for Nokia, Research in Motion, and Samsung.
Christian recommended OmniVision in the Liberty Street League newsletter back in May. That was when the stock was trading just under $17 per share. It is currently at around $27 per share -- so followers of "The World's Least Expensive Portfolio" who got in early are already sitting on a 59% gain.
Christian says there is still plenty of upside left in this stock. OmniVision is poised to take full advantage as the smartphone and tablet PC markets explode over the next few years.
This is just one of the big winners in "The World's Least Expensive Portfolio." And, as I said, overall the portfolio is up over 40%. Christian considers this to be a "fun" way to invest -- and it's low-risk. You can buy all the stocks in the portfolio for less than $800, and you can never lose more than $100 on a single trade.

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