Monday, March 28, 2011

The only three ways to grow your business

Thursday 24th March, Earls Court Conference Centre, London

Dear Subscriber, 

It makes sense... 

If you want to grow your business there are only three fundamental things you need to do. 

That's what internet marketer, Chris Cardell says. 

Or rather, IS saying. 

You see, he's on stage at the moment here at the Earls Court Conference Centre and I've dropped in on his Ultimate Marketing seminar to see what's going on. 

He's covering the basics at the moment but it's always good to hear someone else's take on the business we're in. 

For Chris, when it comes to growing your business, as I say, he reckons there are only three fundamental ways to grow your business. 

What are they? 

Well, first you can try and increase the number of potential customers you have. 

If you've got more people to sell your product or service to then chances are - if you've got the right sales processes in place - you'll generate more business. 

Of course, getting more potential customers is the first thing everyone thinks of when it comes to growing a business. But it's not the only way... 

You see, the second way you can grow your business is to increase the transactional value of each of your current customers. 

What's that mean in plain English? 

Well, let's not beat about the bush - it means charging more for your product or service. 

Again, it makes perfect sense and that's why I'd advise that as often as possible you test the price of your product or service. Obviously, you shouldn't be arbitrarily charging more if your product or service isn't actually worth more, but if you can make a bit extra on every sale you make... naturally, your profits will rise and your business will grow. 

OK, two down. What's number three? 

We've increased the number of customers and we've increased the price of the product or service we're selling... 

Next we want to increase the frequency of your sales. 

If you can sell more often then you'll sell more. Yeah, I know, that's obvious too. But that's just it... 

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