Friday, March 25, 2011

Freedom is the true reason we want wealth.

In retirement will you take your grandkids to McDonalds or will you be the one serving them the burgers there?

You see, depressions and recessions provide unparalleled opportunities to build vast sums of wealth. The both make and break individuals...

Heaters were first introduced to cars as were many other luxuries during the great depression- why?

Because the informed few were richer than ever and demand for luxuries soared.

You've been lied to.  And you don't need to remain in the dark for a second longer.

Have you ever met a wealthy skeptic?!

You see, ‘The Man’ wants you to be skeptical!

Think about it. If you believe in his illusion that you can’t be like him, you stay working for him. Remember, we can’t have everyone in luxury retirement or the system wouldn’t work.

Your life is irreplaceable. Do you really want to spend the largest part of it making someone else’s life better?!

People drift on, living from month to month, looking forward to the distant day when their mortgage is paid off and they can (hopefully!) collect a measly pension. People make themselves feel better temporarily by changing jobs, moving or even buying a new sofa, but they are only treading water. Yet they still have the illusion of progress.

Money is nothing on its own. Freedom is what money brings which in turn brings happiness. You’ll be surprised to learn you don’t need anywhere near a million dollars to be free!

Imagine. You wake up every day knowing everything is on your terms. No bosses or bankers telling you what to do, no restrictions on what you buy.

Let’s get angry about were born a free person! Who are employers, or anyone else for that matter, to tell you what to do?!

Would you rather complain about working or to take steps to ensure you never have to work again? Do you have the guts to ask "why" to ‘the system,’ or are you happy being a worker drone, taken advantage of your whole life?

I’m talking about the big picture here. All the money-making schemes in the world aren’t worth zip unless you understand the truth about what’s going on.
     You’ll just keep chasing your tail!

Fortunes are made by an introduction, a phone call, a nod from an insider, trade-marking a few words or an idea or the registration of a website name. That’s what we’re about- that’s what I do on a regular basis !!!
You have to be comfortable with making money andkeeping it.

Listen, you have to be ‘okay’ about acquiring wealth. Many people aren’t- at least unconsciously anyway. Much like human beings, money is automatically attracted to those who respect it, understand it and care about it.

I speak from experience when I tell you this phenomenon is very real. Money just seems to be attracted to you when you have this power. You become a money-magnet! But only if you’re ready to embrace money- if not, you’ll just find wealth ‘mysteriously’ eludes you...
Whether you’re an employee, self-employed or even on a fixed-income, you struggle through each week hand-to-mouth while the few live a life of abundant luxury.

It is for you to Decide.
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