Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Real estate investors believe 3 myths. Have you heard these?

Myth 1: Flipping is the fastest and easiest way to become a real estate investing kingpin.

Myth debunked: Totally not true! Flipping is slow, expensive (someone has to pay for all of that material), and very very time intensive (someone has to pick up that hammer).

Myth 2: The more your phone rings, the more successful you are.

Myth debunked: A ringing phone only seems like success. But you're busy. The most successful investors never have a ringing phone because they have systems in place to give them freedom. (Read more about that at this blog post)

Myth 3: Funding your real estate deals is hard because it's hard to find serious lenders.

Myth debunked: People are looking to move their money out of the stock market because returns have been terrible in the past few years. They're looking for is a place to invest that offers the potential for returns with some measure of safety. Remember to keep this in mind when working with potential lenders!

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