Monday, May 14, 2012

l: How to Build a 6 Figure Information Marketing Business in the Next 90 Days"

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Recently I had the opportunity to connect with a couple guys you need to meet. These are 7-figure entrepreneurs who have focused 100% of their efforts on one type of business: Information Marketing.

For those who aren't aware, Information Marketing is the most high-leverage, high-profit business for one main reason: Information is easy to deliver ... and people are always desperate to get more of it.

You should know that neither of these guys are gurus by any means. One started out as a middle school music teacher and the other started as an "IT guy" - neither of them began with ANY entrepreneurial background or skills.

Since quitting their jobs and starting Information Marketing businesses, they've each quietly generated anywhere between $17K and $39K per month consistently over the past five years. Their highest month to date is $127K in a SINGLE month.

Best of all, they've done this entirely from home with NO rented office space, NO physical product overhead of any kind, NO employees whatsoever. In addition, their information businesses require absolutely no selling face-to-face. Ever.

Since partnering together they've come up with methods for finding and selling information that I guarantee you don't know about. These methods are so fundamentally simple it's no wonder they've accomplished what they have despite coming fro m a total non-business background.

To be clear, their methods allow ANY person with average abilities and a commitment to other people to build a large consistent income.

You know I'm committed to a no-bull, results-oriented approach with you and I will not deviate from that. So let me be very straight:

You need their methods. I'm going to make sure you get them.

I am committing my energy, time and resources to getting these methods into the hands of those who are ready to own a 100% automated business that produces consistent revenues every single month.

And that starts this THURSDAY for those who are willing to do what it takes to be on this special webinar:

"The ULTIMATE Business Mode
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When you read what's written there, you'll see these two guys are taking a very different approach than what you're used to seeing in this industry.

They are creating a worldwide group of Information Marketers who are building high-revenue businesses and helping create the success everyone desires.

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